One of the challenges of the Foundations of House LIVE event was that of copyright. The piece was intended as explicit research activity, performed in a academic setting, and presented for the purposes of education. However, the current legislative framework around fair-dealing policies (for eduction, information, criticism, comment etc.) is woefully under explored and delineated for these kind of public engagements. The UK’s HE Copyright Negotiating and Advisory Committee has identified “a gap/opportunity for UK institutions to clarify what they believe are ‘fair’ practices” with regard to re-use of copyright material for educational activities (in the widest sense of “educational”)". As a result, we're all flying blind when it comes to copyright and attribution. 

To be as exhaustive as possible this website is now also the hub for the list of sources used in live events, rather than including constant attribution and citation throughout a carefully planned show. If you've seen the show you'll understand just how distracting and inappropriate citation would be. The compromise is thus; rather than flashing up a list of references over a short period at the end of the show, or including many distracting citations throughout the piece, here follows a list of all the sources that were employed in the show and will remain here for the lifespan of the project.

"Third party materials within this performance are included for non-commercial, illustrative purposes either with permission of the rights holder or under the relevant statutory fair dealing exceptions of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988."